Client Reviews

"I don't usually take the time to write reviews on things, but if you are seeking an immigration attorney, then you probably feel that your decision could be one of the most important decisions in your life. I am a US citizen, my wife was here illegally. She also had a few uncommon scenarios regarding her status, and we needed an expert. We shopped around for months, looking at the Texas Super Lawyers list, other publications that ranked lawyers, etc. It seems to me that most of the other attorneys that specialize in immigration that were listed as a Super Lawyer were nominated by other lawyers and their own firm. We went and interviewed with a few of these "super" lawyers, and while I'm sure most of them would have done a good job, they also charged an extremely high rate. While price was no object, in the end, we went with Jack Kim. We asked ourselves, what was more important, a "Super Lawyer" ranking given by lawyers, to lawyers, or did we want to go with a lawyer who had EXCELLENT reviews from the people he has actually helped with their immigration issues. (If you look online, you'll see that not too many of these Super Lawyers have any reviews from their clients.) We met with Mr. Kim and he immediately gave us some great information (that actually proved another lawyer we spoke with was wrong.) He was very nice and we felt a lot better meeting with him than the other lawyers we had met with. Mr. Kim and his staff took our case, and even went the extra mile when an official translation was needed for some of our documents, and did not charge us extra. He coached us for our interview and was present for it as well. I can't tell you how happy my wife is to finally have legal status. We owe it all to Jack Kim. Trust me, if you need an immigration attorney, you can't go wrong with him, and for an extremely fair price compared to his peers. Mr. Kim, thank you, from both of us. I hope this review will help others with their decision."
"What a relief it was to get finally a green card after almost 10 years! I've gone through so much of headache, anxiety, and difficulties that I can write a book about my immigraiton issues. My wife filed a petition for me but the petition got denied because of marrital issue. I was put into a removal proceeding which I did not know about. Later on, I was sought out by ICE. I felt like and liked like a fugitive for a couple years. I am so happy that attorney Jack KIM helped me to resolve all my complicated immigration problems, and got my status adjusted before an immigration Judge. I thank God and attorney Jack KIM for finding my life back in the United States. Thanks million to attorney Jack KIM. I highly recommended attorney Jack KIM to anyone who is in removal proceeding or who has any immigration issue. He is the expert."
"Attorney Kim is honorable I thank God for attorney Jack KIM. I am a pastor. I've worked for a church with a religious work visa for many years. My religious visa extension got denied due to the misunderstanding and mistake on the part of immigration service. At that time, my previous attorney recommended me to see Attorney Jack KIM because she did not feel confident of getting the approvals for me and my families. Attorney KIM took over this case, and kept on fighting for me, and never gave up on my case though there were a lot of frustrations, long delay and difficult issues to deal with. He was very skilled and updated with all the recent changes in the immigration laws. He used the most recent court case law to win the case and get all of our family permanent resident cards. Thanks millions to attorney KIM, his enduring patience, his competence, kindness, and personal attention to my case, and winning over USCIS."
"Kim will get you in! A friend of mine who did not speak much English, was taken advantage of by her sponsor. He used her like his personal maid, and eventually abandoned her. My friends and I decided to help her with her immigration issues, and we were referred to Attorney Kichul (Jack) KIM. Since she was left without much documentary evidence to support her marriage with her husband, it was a difficult case to win. However, attorney Jack Kim successfully got the permanent resident card for her! Attorney KIM helped us prepare affidavits to attest her marriage with her former husband. He used all of us as witnesses for her interview. I could see all along that attorney KIM spared no effort to win the case for her. I can't describe the sense of joy attorney KIM has brought to me and my dear friend. Thank you so much! You diod a wonderful job! I would highly recommended attorney KIM to anyone needing immagration assistance."
"Attorney Kim is the best! Highly recommended! My whole family did not know what to do when the immigrant petition filed by our church on behalf of my father was denied. We feared that all our family might have to go back to our country. But fortunately we came to find attorney Jack Kim. He appealed the case and won. Even though there were many issues, he was able to navigate through legal and factual problems and successfully helped us to get green cards. All along he has been very competent, professional, caring, kind, and attentive to our needs. We feel grateful what he has done, and highly recommend his service."
"Exemplary Immigration Lawyer We are very thankful to Atty. Jack Kim for successfully and very efficiently achieving my H1B work visa and H4 visa of my husband and daughter. Mr. Kim's competence, honest, and high professionalism always made us very comfortable and confident of steering through to success in our case. He answered any question, concern, very promptly and accurately. He gave the guidelines for going through all the requirements step by step and never for a moment made us feel apprehensive. He was willing to go extra miles and work extended hours to speed up the process. It was a great pleasure and comfort working with him. Best thing is that the price is so reasonable. Indeed, no words are enough to express our joy, and great appreciation for everything he did for us to be in this great country. We are profoundly thankful to him for all his help and guidance. We truly appreciate his dedication and hard work. His office staff, Cindy, has been so very cooperative and efficient .Our thanks to her as well. We could not have found a better attorney to handle our case. We will never hesitate even for a single moment to go back to him for future assistance and to recommend him to all those who are in need of expert immigration services."
"The Best Attorney: Highly Recommed! Talking about frustration with USCIS in connection with my case. Almost 10 years of trying to get green cards based on my employment. We have gone through many immigration attorneys and sponsors, and spent thousands of dollars. But it seemed that our cases got fallen to cracks or something. We have made numerous inquiries and did not make any headways. But fortunately we came to find attorney Jack Kim. We understood our frustrations, and patiently and promptly got our case on the tract again, and successfully got green cards for us. All along he has been very competent, professional, caring, and attentive to our needs. He has always kept us informed about the status of our case. We feel grateful what he has done, and highly recommend his service."
"Highly recommend attorney Kim!!! I was in need of a good immigration attorney to obtain a green card though my marriage to my life. We lived in Arizona. I was looking for an immigration attorney in Arizona. But I was referred to attorney Jack KIM by my brother-in-law living in Cal. He highly recommended attorney Jack KIM. Even though he was in Texas, my wife and I were willing to try his service. We are so glad we did. Attorney Jack KIM helped us through sometime difficult issues. Through his personal emails, and forwarding of everything he received from USCIS to my email as well as personal calls, he kept in touch with us, and guided us every step until I finally received my green card. Competent, kind, reasonable fees---highly recommend him to anyone."
"Competent, honest, trustworthy, and best service! Attorney Kichul Jack Kim have been in charge of my families immigration status since 2006. From F-1 to R-1 and now I have obtained Permenant Residency. Attorney Kim was there to help us how with all cases. When applied for I-360, my case has been denied, yet, Attorney Kim worked hard and sincere to appeal the denied case and won the case. After the approval of I-360, applied for I-485 and within a month we got the greencard! His work is deeply appreciated by our family and highly recommendable. If you have any immigration problem, contact him and have him serve you. You will feel welcomed by his dedication for your case just as we have been welcomed with much care!!!"
"Highly professional, courteous, and reasonable. He really got me in just as his (I get you in). I highly recommend Attorney Jack Kim for any immigration related services. My wife and I are very happy with his service in connection with obtaining my green card. He guides us through anxious, emotionally burdensome process in such a professional, personal, and confident way. You will be in good and confident hands with attorney Jack Kim."