M-1 Visa

M-1 visas offer an opportunity for students to receive education and training at a vocational or other non-academic institution (other than a language training program) that has been approved and certified by the Department of Homeland Security under the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program).  The list of SEVP-approved institutions can be found at: http://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/school-search.  These institutions are usually community/junior colleges that offer vocational/technical training, or vocational high schools.

When you are eligible for an M-1 visa, your dependent family members

---spouse and children (under 21 and unmarried)

---are eligible for M-2 visas.  In order to apply for M-1/M-2 visas, each of you and your dependents needs a Form I-20M-N issued by the institution that has accepted you.

Other than the above, most requirements and rules for an F-1 visa are applicable to an M-1 visa as well.  Please see "F-1 Visa" for details.