UDCIS fee hike coming on 10/02/2020

USCIS immigration filing fees will increase, starting from Oct. 2, 2020. Last Friday (July 31, 2020), the Trump Administration announced the detailed information on how much fee changes will take effect. Among other things, the increase in permanent resident application fee and naturalization application would have a massive impact on a lot of eligible applicants.

For example, a permanent residency application where a foreigner comes to the US, gets married to a US citizen, and applies for his/her permanent residency (so-called a green card) costs $1760 now. However, it will increase to $2860, which is $1100 more than the current fee. The big hike comes from the fact that the applicant will have to pay $550 for I-765 (Employment Authorization Document, or Work Permit) and $590 for I-131. Application for Travel Document, or Travel Permit), both of which, used to be already priced in the I-485 (green card application)

Also, the naturalization fee will significantly increase. While current fee for naturalization is $725, the new fee will be $1200, which is about 65% increase.

Furthermore, fees associated with non-immigrant visas, which includes H1 and L visas. Currently, fees for H1 visa is $460, but it will increase to $555. Also, L visa’s fee is $460 now, but it will be $805.  All the fee changes will take effect, starting from October 2, 2020. So, we recommend that whoever is eligible to get immigration benefits start the process now; that way, he/she can save some