Cares benefits: Public benefits?

Unemployment benefits under Cares Act ($600 a week/ Covid-19 unemployment up to 39 weeks). Public benefits?

Whether DACA holder (or that matter any non-immigrant work visa categories such as R-1 (religious worker), E-2 (Treaty investor), H-1B (specialty occupations) etc., can receive an unemployment benefits under Cares Act? Yes, you were laid off or you quit directly or indirectly due to Covid-19. Most common cases under COVID-19 are you were given unpaid leave, and your employer business closed due to Shelter in order, you quit because you need to take care of your children who cannot go to school).

How much benefits you get: you are entitled any unemployment benefits under TWC or Covid-19, 1) $600 a week until 07/30/2020 2) up to 39 weeks for the amount calculated in the same manner as TWC.

If you receive such benefits, are they considered as public benefits, and will you be charged with public charge when you apply for the green card later? Generally insurance benefits (like Obama Health insurance or unemployment insurance) are not regarded as public benefit.  You are entitled to receive TWC unemployment insurance benefit. However, COVID 19 related benefits such as $600 a week or any amounts you get up to 39 weeks or both can be considered as public benefit. However, we fully expect that USCIS will consider into the consideration of emergency nature and need for such benefit and will not make you inadmissible due to public charge. 

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