Trump's presidency on immigration Laws and immigrants

Trump’s Presidency---what impact it would have on Immigrants or undocumented.

Donald Trump became the President. Furthermore, Republican party is now in control of Senate and house. How this change would impact US immigration laws and how minority immigrant deal with this situation?

Make America Great Again. Build a wall. Depart 11 million people---Anti-immigrant American Nationalism

From announcement of his candidacy for presidency, he started with an anti-immigrant slogan. “We are going to build a wall and have Mexicans pay for it, and We are going to deport all illegal immigrants.  Majority of Trump supporters are uneducated blue working class White people.  Trump’s biggest and populist slogan was “Make America Great again”.  One of ways to make America Great again was this anti-immigration rhetoric.

One thing became very clear though this election was most of Trump supporters are not pro-immigrants, and they do not want more immigrants in this country.  As one of his support expressed this sentiment---“our wagon is already so full and heavy and it is hard to drag it along. Why bring more immigrants, and let’s kick out all illegal immigrants”?    Most of Trump supporter would like to keep America as a White majority county. So, build the wall, and get 11 million illegal million undocumented deported. 

Most unqualified, indecent, and intemperate bully

Majority of people agree that Trump is most unqualified, indecent, unprepared and who lacks character and temperament to be our president.  He lacks discipline so much so that his campaign advisors have to take his twitter away. How in the world, a person like Trump, who used to be a sexual predator, who chested his two previous wives, married with a nude model (often Lesbian), and a total bully who encourages violence, and such a brat who was not willing to accept outcome of the election if Hillary wins, who’s been accused of rape of a minor and who joked about Troubled teen is best in bed, and grapping a woman by their private part,  who dodged draft several times and later bragged about saying his Vietnam was “sleeping around with women without catching aids”  and who demeans women, Mexican, and Muslims, and who cheated (stiffed) millions of dollars from people (Fake Trump University, and through 4 bankruptcies).  and who never paid personal income tax…. a hypocrite, who makes most of his products in other countries like China, Bangladesh, etc., and who used so many undocumented people in manual labor for his company…..Lists go on.

How in the world---but Populous message of American Nationalism won

How in the world he can be even considered to be our president? It is so unthinkable for me to accept him as our president because it is simply so embarrassing, so low and so indecent. Despite of his character flaws, I believe majority of uneducated White people voted for him mainly because he had a populous message---Make America great again—American Nationalism backed by his anti-immigrant.  rhetoric.

What if Home grown radical terrorists—Black, yellow, etc. emerge

What I am afraid is that racial conflict in US will intensify. Trump with a racist tendency, is not a person who can heal racial conflict in this country. I am afraid that if he continues to suppresses Black lives matter movement, and alienates Muslims, and demeans Mexicans or other minorities, we will home grown radical terrorists like a black retired solider who ambushed and killed 5 white police officers in Dallas in July, 2016.  Not to mention that Trump is the best recruiter for ISIS terrorists. We will have “home grown terrorists” in our own country.   It seems clear that minorities and immigrants will be discriminated in many level if he continues to suggest that those minorities and immigrants do not belong to this county.

Here are a couple of specific anti-immigration acts he proposed to do.

  1. He said that he was going to cancel Obama’s executive action for protecting young people who came to this county at early age, and giving them a work permit to work and study in college.  (Called DACA)
  2. Getting rids of all federal and state benefits for illegal people, particularly in State tuition for undocumented students in college.
  3. He will enforce E-verify program and penalize employers who hires undocumented peoples. (I think he should start with his own company)
  4. He will deport 11 million undocumented people, most of them have their families who are US citizens. It is logistically impossible to depart 11 million people ripping apart from their families. Currently under Obama administration, we deport 300,000 people in a year. It takes 2-3 years having them go through immigration court system. To get 11 million people get through immigration court system would take about 30 years.  A couple of weeks before election, Trump took a bit of soft tone on immigration. He stated that his priority is to depart people with criminal records first, and for others who do not have any criminal issues, they must go back to their country and come back to USA legally.  I don’t exactly how he can do so. I can expect it would be like “provisional waver” process that became effective from end of August, 2016. For those who have unlawfully stayed in USA can ask for a waiver (pardon) if it causes extreme hardship to applicant’s LPR or US citizen spouse or parents.  I expect that such a waiver program would be expanded and its process be more streamlined.


Lastly a couple of suggestions:

  1. For those who are permanent residents now, apply for naturalization as soon as possible so that you would never have to worry about being deported.
  2. If you are DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) holder, please file renewal of DACA as soon as you can. (You can file a renewal within 5 months of your expiration of your DACA)
  3. For all people who are undocumented (especially young people), be extremely careful about getting entangled with law enforcement.
  4. If you get entangled with any criminal issues, please consult not only criminal attorney but also immigration attorney because your immigration consequence would be far greater.
  5. If you (undocumented) are currently serving probation or who just finished probation, be wise about your conduct so that you would not be selected for ICE arrest and detention for deportation.
  6. For any reasons, you are in a removal proceeding, consult with immigration attorney to see if you have any relief from deportation. If you do, I strongly encourage you to fight for your relief---win or lose. If you lose, you can still appeal to BIA (Board of Immigration Appeal) to buy 2-4 years of time. Oftentimes, as times go by, there comes pro-immigrant regulations come out for you to seek another relief.  
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